Friday, November 04, 2005


I think the great thing about blogs is...

... that it gives us the opportunity to show the awesome things we do and beautiful places we see, with other people.Family, friends and even people we haven't met yet, can share our experiences by checking out our photos and our comments.We can share how much fun we have with everyone.. and it might help give other people an opportunity to see more of the world(even just through our photos)..or maybe it will inspire others to 'get out there' and set off own their own expeditions to wherever they dream to go!


We have found that through the World Wide Graffiti course we have become more at home with IT and teaching IT projects to our young people and team members. We have of course realised how IT poor we are, and are currently trying to get up with the times and address this! We have also found that IT and adventure sports go hand in hand as what is the point of doing an awsome stack if you can't share it with your mates! As It gets more mobile it will be something that will only become more usable for our outdoor program and young people who can not sit still. In the future we are not just going to put what we have learnt on a shelf, instead we are wanting to progress to more photos and filming in the outdoors, and then programing to put it all together in digital story telling or movies. Maybe win a short film festival one day, who knows!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

White Water Rafting Here We Come

Hi again every one, well exciting news, Aspire has just bought 3 brand new white water rafts and we are off to play! Yep that's right one of our next Expeditions is off to have 5 days of white water carnage on the Murrumbidgee River (near Yass) and the Goobragandra River (near Tumut). We are gonna have huge amounts of fun, so come on lets get wet!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Snowball Carnage

Ok you are gonna get it! Take that!

Day Boarding

Peace man we love the white stuff!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Night Time Boarding

The best thing about night time boarding is that if you Wipe Out no one can see you! Plus it is "heaps mad"

Babys Bath Tobogganing!

The guys found a babys bath at Vinnies and decided to make it into a toboggan! It worked great but people did laugh at us heaps.

Tobogganing Extreme Style

The guys having a ball trying to go the fastest! They discovered that our body boards we use on the beach exped double as extreme snow sleds that you can spin and do jumps on. Everyone got out of the way as we were pretty much out of control!

Links To Learning Snow Expedition July 05

The Links to Learning Snow Exped has been mad! We have been tobogganing and night time Snow Boarding. Who says learning is boring and has to happen indoors!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Aspire Co-op's Links 2 Learning Outdoor Program Goes Hi Tech!

Well Aspire Co-op's outdoor educational program has finally been succumbed indoors to create these wonderful things called Blogs! This week two of the Aspire team went to Sydney to learn all about this IT world. After a grilling 2 days shut up inside, we escaped back to Orange with some great new knowledge. On Friday Claire managed to convince the guys to stay inside and put together their own blogs (luckily it was raining which does not happen that often). Here are some of their sites, check it out,,,,
Now the hard part is keeping these guys under control, as you can tell by some of their sites! But the aim is for them to keep a journal of what we are up to on program, and not to create a site which due to language and content, no one can get it through their server!!! Wish us luck!